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As we drove through town the other day we noticed whole strip malls that were empty and thought about the owners or banks sitting on the buildings with no rents coming in.

Sure there are places that are doing better and some that are definitely doing worse, I suppose that’s the way it goes in business. You just have to wonder if there is something that all of us can do besides go out and buy things for stores to remain open.

Prices are up and wages are down, makes it difficult to put food on the table which is more expensive as well.

Is there no alternative to looking at these big empty “behemoths”? It seems there should be some use for these empty building that keep popping up. Not just in our own town, in neighboring towns and in towns in different state. We have noticed that it seems to be universal.

And then there are cases of buildings being transformed into different usage’s, I think that is brilliant. The other day I noticed that there is a Bally’s gym that closed and I thought that would be a great place to make a community center. Big rooms, maybe a pool, bathrooms are never an issue. Basketball court and racquetball. It would be an amazing place for kids and families to gather and be together.

There are so many things that can be done, so many different vacant buildings that can be re-purposed into useful pieces of the community.

All of us are the difference, we are the ones that need to implement the change. That is what we are doing. Finding out who owns a building and finding out if they would consider selling it and what their price would be.

That would be the second step, the first step we take guarantees us a buyer.

Everyone knows that the big thing is finding a buyer so the property can move.

We have a system that guarantees a quick turn around and you don’t have to be a realtor or broker. We have put together a step by step program that will make it possible to turn properties in as little as a day.

Amazing and true! No more pounding a sign and stake into the ground and crossing your fingers that a buyer will make an offer.

Things have changed in the Real Estate world, the times change and different strategies are implemented.

Flipping 5 to 10 houses a month would be awesome and I am sure you would agree.

Did you know that there were No Brokers or Realtors license required to start your Real Estate Business? There are so many things that the average person doesn’t know about Real Estate.

Real Estate has ups and downs, it has a few in’s and out’s too. The ups always make the downs worth hanging for. We have a lot of ground to make up from the past few years, now is the time to do that.

One thing we found in our 30 years of experience is that after the downturn there is always an “up turn”. We need this to happen so we can recover.

Jobs are getting more scarce and they are paying less or requiring less hours. It’s harder to get ahead when a person is working a regular job. What that job does for them is keeps them living at their current level and working at their current job just so they can live at that level.

To get ahead these days it calls for a bit of ingenuity and a shift of thinking. If more businesses are closing and boarding up, where are the workers going to work?

That is why it is so important to have your own company even if it’s something you do on the side. A way to make some extra money to have fun but more importantly to be able to get ahead and be comfortable the rest of your life.

When you have your own company that is based out of your home, you can keep the job you have and still get your own business going. This allows you all of the write-offs that are allowed by a regular corporation.

This is only some of the value, When we see the boarded up businesses, like this large retailer, I know that hundreds of jobs were lost and that breaks my heart, there has got to be something we can do and that first step is helping ourselves so that we can put the effort into improving our community.

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