Child of Light is a beautiful modern day fairy tale.

It’s a 2D platformer and RPG but small scale.

Ubisoft Montreal outdoes themselves in their graphics,

creating a story aimed for all demographics.

The soundtrack is elegant and arguably flawless,

so does the game actually leave players in solace?

The story is not all about the coming of age for Aurora,

it also shows the advancement of characters in Lemuria.

The dialogue is always written in rhyme and

Ubisoft Montreal is well aware of their crime.

Child of Light is comical and full of heart

and even with the huge cast of characters their is never a weak part.

The growth of Aurora is a true sight to see.

It’s morals can be seen by both you and me.

The 2D setting and characters look great on the UbiArt Engine.

The level design is reminiscent to the Rayman of Legend.

Uncover items and scrolls through the nook and crannies

while listening to the music fit for the Grammy’s.

Flying through narrow passages can be a little iffy

and controlling your side character Igniculus is actually quite spiffy.

Using the right stick you can control the small firefly.

Igniculus is key to winning battles fyi.

Combat is easy to learn but challenging to master.

A timed bar controls your actions like Final Fantasy VII but faster.

Only having two characters in battle at a time is not great,

but the games design makes parties of three overrate.

Each character has branching skill points to best fit your play style

while earning enough skill points will be well worth your while.

Child of Light will reward you for the grind,

but if you take your time and commit to battles you will make through the game just fine.

The game’s combat and puzzles a rather quite easy.

For hardcore gamers it may be a bit breezy.

The crafting of Oculi adds to your player stats,

however it isn’t that engaging even though it will help in combat.

Child of Light is a game I will not forget.

When Game of the Year comes around I’ll place my first bet.

The soundtrack is astounding,

colorful graphics in Lemuria’s surroundings.

The writing hits all the right marks in my mind,

at points pulling my heart strings in kind.

The game is not perfect, at least on the Wii U,

pop in of assets break immersion from you.

Audio lag and quick dialogue boxes

shouldn’t deter you from taking down this game and it’s bosses.

Child of Light keeps the game industry thinking,

which is a great thing because triple A originality is shrinking.

Paul Drankiewicz
Paul is a graduate from the Milwaukee Area Technical College in Wisconsin. Paul studied game design and focuses mostly on content and mechanics for video games. Paul also loves game journalism which is why he's here at TDS! He's a huge Nintendo fan but will play just about anything.


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